Wear the Walk – Your Revolving Wardrobe Wear the Walk – Your Revolving Wardrobe


​VIMPELOVA is a high-end fashion label for both men and women, based in London, UK. Our primary focus is on creating contemporary garments which combine faultless workmanship with ethical and environmental sustainability. Each and every one of our designs is hand-crafted, displaying not only an impeccable finish but individual touches which make a piece truly unique to the wearer. Harking to bygone days of fashion and art being closely intertwined, VIMPELOVA offers the antithesis to disposable fashion. Our garments are made to be kept and treasured for a lifetime.

Our brand is grounded in sustainable practice, driving fashion forward through complete production transparency with every item that we produce. The story of each garment begins with the sourcing of distinctive fabrics, and continues through a design process entrenched in history and tradition. The clean modernity of our one-of-a-kind couture is tempered by a Czech heritage rooted in bespoke craftsmanship. These contrasting elements work seamlessly together, evoking echoes of a distant past wrapped in elegant, minimalistic beauty.

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