Wear the Walk – Your Revolving Wardrobe Wear the Walk – Your Revolving Wardrobe


Haniko was established in 2016 by Hannah Attalah. A womenswear brand, the recent collection launched June 2017 fuses 80’s evening wear with a streetwear vibe. The play of masculine and feminine displayed in 80’s fashion was a key reference point in her collection. The friction of these traditional elements creates a strong brand energy that flows through the designs. The confident attitude of 80’s glamour evening wear was a strong inspiration. The concept for Haniko was to fuse opposing aspects of fashion the approach is layered. Fabric is a vital part of Haniko, metal lurex vintage lame jacquard prints sit against nylons and hand Embroided bugle beads on baggy tracksuit bottoms. This is a collection for women who dress for themselves an challenge traditional aesthetics the mood is rebellious, playful and bold. Haniko speaks of strength, glamour and individuality.

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