Wear the Walk – Your Revolving Wardrobe Wear the Walk – Your Revolving Wardrobe

Carolina Wong

A Hong Kong born, London based world citizen. Carolina Wong graduated in 2011 at the Chelsea College of Art and Design specialising in Woven Textile Design. Shapes, motifs and experimentation with materials have always been part of Wong’s world: enriched by a wealth of cultural heritage absorbed during her creative education and experiences in four continents, Wong values the art of uniting traditional crafts and creativity.Inspired by world-traveller women unafraid to experiment and stand by their own views, Wong’s aesthetic vision is of a free woman embracing femininity, while not shy of exploration.Wong mixes classic timeless patterns – chequer and stripes – and develops a carefully engineered weaving process with leather. Minimalistic silhouettes, plush leathers, bold patterns and a sophisticated but unexpected colour palette define her modern, ethical and artisanal handbags collection.

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