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The Moves and Shakers from LFW18

Every season LFW showcases the new wave of talent putting the next generation of innovators, craftsman, and disrupters in center stage. But this season, LFW raised some important questions surrounding sustainability, retail and the future of the fashion industry.

London fashion week is one of the most prestigious and important events of the year, it is a platform which has the ability to greatly influence not just the style of clothes being produced, but most pertinently, how clothes are being made.

Speaking to our founder, Zoe, it is of her belief “Sustainable fashion is not a fad or a trend, but a movement which needs to be recognized as the new industry standard. This is why it is ever-more important for the industry leaders to promote these values at LFW so retail will follow suit.”

So, let’s take a closer look at the movers and shakers who are pushing the boundaries of creativity.

I Am Chen

Photo credit: fashionscout.co.uk

Apu Jan


Photo credit: theupcoming.co.uk

Roberta Einer 

Photo credit: Vogue.co.uk

Clio Pepiatt

Photo credit: theupcoming.co.uk


Photo credit: fashionscout.co.uk

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