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with Veronika Vimpleova

Veronika Vimpelova is a London based fashion designer who has her roots in Czech Republic. Inspired by her grandmother who ran a bespoke fashion business, she decided to be part of this flamboyant industry and take on her journey with a fashion design degree at ESDEMGA,University of Vigo in Spain.

We sat down with Veronika for a chat about her life as a sustainable designer, and what we can expect from her new collection, which she’ll be previewing on the 22nd March.

1. A little intro about you:

My name is Veronika, a fashion designer, and a maker. After finishing my fashion design degree in Spain I moved to London to pursue my passion of becoming an independent designer. It took me a while to realize that making clothes that are trendy and seasonal wasn’t rally what I wanted to do. The change came when I found out about the catastrophic consequences that fashion industry has on our environment and the people involved. After a lot of research, I decided to launch a fashion brand that offers high-quality timeless clothing that are made from organic natural-origin textiles and that are made ethically. I still have a long time to go, but I feel every challenge is pushing me forward.

2. Something no one knows about you:

Everything I design and make is made in my studio which is also my bedroom.

3. Tell us  about your new collection:

VIMPELOVA latest collection “Before Falling Asleep” is my very first sustainable clothing range. The collection combines contemporary minimalism and classical timelessness while being made entirely from organically sourced materials. All my suppliers are based in Europe and I’m planing to have only a small production run within European countries and made-to-order production in the UK. As a slow fashionbrand I don’t really believe in trend driven designs therefore the idea is to add more styles to the collection throughout the year and try what works and what not.

4. How working with WTW helped you as a designer:

I was contacted by Zoe, the founder of WEAR the WALK, right when she started the platform. I’m very glad I have been part of her business since then. I have had many interesting opportunities thanks to her initiative. The fact that someone can wear my collection pieces through her platform has helped my brand to get a great exposure and it works as a sort of marketing too. I hope the hiring service will become more popular in the fashion world as there are so many beautiful clothes that you can wear for a fraction of the price.

5. Your tips on the perfect capsule wardrobe (with your products in mind):

I think the classics are a pair of black trousers, white top or shirt and definitely a black dress. Oh, and don’t forget a jacket. That is definitely my capsule wardrobe and the rest is up to everyones taste and preferences. You can find these timeless pieces in our latest collection.

6. A quote from women designers and sustainability:

Clothes aren’t to going to change the world. The women who wear them will.’ Anne Klein

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