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Wear the Walk was able to talk with Alisha Miranda, the founder of ‘Not My Style’ app, and she shared the many important aspects her company covers. The app tells you how much your favourite fashion brands share about how they treat the women and men who make your clothes – something that we, at Wear the Walk, think is extremely important. For them, creating a consumer movement will make brands become more transparent about their supply chains, ultimately improving the worker’s lives.

Here is what she said:

Why start Not My Style?
I wanted to shop more consciously but, as a high street addict, I didn’t know where to start. I wanted a really easy way to understand how brands were treating the women and men who made our clothes, and I couldn’t find one, so with a couple friends, we created it.

Once we began, we realised it wasn’t as simple as we thought, and that so many brands weren’t sharing anything about where their clothes were made, much less how they were treating the workers. We focused the app on transparency to highlight who was sharing information and who wasn’t so that others could know what we knew!

What is the biggest challenge of running your business?
It’s hard to pick just one!

Running Not My Style is not my main work, so the biggest challenge is always finding time to capitalise on all the incredible enthusiasm and opportunities we get.

How does one achieve conscious consumer behaviour?

All the great advice of ‘buy good quality clothes, not very many of them, and wear them lots’ that others share is right. But anyone who loves shopping can’t deny that sometimes buying something beautiful makes us feel good. I think when people try to go “cold turkey” and give up all shopping or even swear off the high street entirely, it never lasts – it’s like giving up chocolate. It’s better to start small. Add one second hand store to your regular shopping circuit. Learn to sew so you can mend things that are broken. Find one ethical designer you really love. Start small to create good habits and you’ll find more success.

Where will ‘Not My Style’ be in 5 years time?
I wish I could say that we wouldn’t have to exist because every high street brand would be sharing complete information about how they treat workers, but I don’t think we’ll be there in five years. Instead I hope we can be bigger – more stores, more cities – and that our rating scale could be more sophisticated and move beyond transparency, because there’s better data out there from stores. And it would be nice to have our Android app done within 5 years too!!

Favourite item at the moment?

My Wholesome AF sweater from Birdsong is at the top of the list!

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