Leah’s Interview

R E A L  T A L K

with Leah from @norahsbrownies

Leah whizzed towards a printed jumpsuit, tries it on, wonders if she needs a belt, there IS a belt (another thing not to worry about, yay). Caterina found the perfect little black bomber to complement and walks out with a dark maroon vinyl skirt she was eyeing a second ago. In one hand her treasures in the other her stroller with baby Norah calmly checking out her drop-dead gorgeous mama…Leah just makes looking for new items to swap fun, fashion effortless, and inspires us to pursue a passion while having a baby or two! WE KNOW she is busy running the world, but she gave you a minute of her time to tell you about her favorite item, her style icon, and WHY Wear the Walk is her go-to!

Your favourite item and designers at #wearthewalk ?
My go-to designers are Apujan, Martina Spetlova, Sadie Clayton and Krasimira Stoyneva. My crush item is the Apujan ‘s Timeless Rose Signature Skirt.
How would you describe your style?
As I run my own business between my kid’s naps (no joke), I need my outfits to fit my hectic journeys. Right now, I have loads of events so I like to dress up AND feel comfortable.  I’m really into BOLD PRINTS, Skirts, and jumpsuits.
Your style Icons?
Alexander McQueen
What #wearthewalk does best for you?
As I mentioned earlier, I’m attending more events as my business is growing,and Wear The Walk helps me not to worry about buying something I’ll wear once! It also helps me get noticed for my business, I can express my aesthetics while running a business, and a family. But the best really, it’s that Wear The Walk is literally next-door. I browse or pop by the studio, choose, rent, love, swap! It’s so easy Norah could do it!
What can we do for you to make your experience even better?
I want to see more items from my fave designers, discover new ones, and check out your new studio!!

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