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G U N G  H O

Founded from the banks of the Thames in South London, Sophie Dunster creator of Gung Ho, aims to change the world through creativity. With each piece highlighting an important environmental cause, the hand-printed,100% organic cotton based garments, are all handmade in the UK. Every garment has a personal touch and purchases include a small donation to a chosen charity, relating to the animal on the garment itself; with buyers having the chance to learn more about their purchases by receiving a small booklet about the cause itself.

Here she gives Wear The Walk an exclusive look into her brand and how sustainable fashion is the way forward.

Tell us a bit about Gung Ho

The name stems from the idea that I wanted something positive. I originally started thinking along the lines of ‘Brighter’, as in brighter future & our use of colour, but thought it was playing to the stereotype, and I didn’t want anything that sounded sustainable. Gung Ho started nearly 2 years ago to shake things up a bit. I’d had the idea of Gung Ho for a long time and thought if I don’t do it now I’ll kick myself so that’s when I made the leap!

Why is sustainability important in your work and for you as a designer?

I was raised living a low carbon lifestyle – my father is a zero carbon architect so it was drummed into me from an early age. I went to a lot of events where there were amazing people doing world changing projects – but they looked so stereotypically sustainable and I just knew it had to change for others to want to get on board. I realised then and there that I could use my drawings to help communicate issues as well as steer the sustainable fashion industry away from plain colours and limited cuts. I truly believe that if your first impression of someone is what they look like or what they are wearing then we should utilise this to showcase what you believe in too. People are more than just pretty faces!

Who are you most drawn to in the fashion world?

Vivienne Westwood, people that mix things up and make people think, but most importantly create good design. Ethical fashion shouldn’t look ethical.

What is your go-to fashion item?

I love a wrap dress, comfortable, stylish and easy to pair with fresh kicks for meetings, or your favourite heels/ statement flats for drinks and events. I think having the versatility these days is really important. People live such busy lives you need to be able to work hard, play hard and look good in both!

What is something that no one knows about you?

I love fashion but I avoid heels at all costs – if I can go to a fancy do wearing a statement dress and my favourite trainers I will! Feeling comfortable is a must for me, it allows you to focus on what’s important and not be distracted.

How did you hear about Wear The Walk?

I heard Zoe talk at an ethical fashion event at Bloomerama in Old street, it’s so nice to come across other like-minded people who want to change the way the industry is being run. I have a lot of respect for that.

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